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{June 12, 2008}   KIMIKO!

Yeah, that’s him; that was my Chinese Water Dragon Kimiko and his infamous Orchid plant…
The Orchid plant actually lost all his flowers due to a tremendous heat wave a couple days ago.

Kimiko was visibly skinny, and appeared malnourished. Thing was, he really wasn’t. He was actually healthy, (diet wise). Crickets were eaten as needed, received the proper amounts of calcium from calcium dusted crickets and UVB light, and stayed in a nicely tempered room. He also bathed in his large water dish countless times a day.

Today, I found Kimiko with his body in the water dish, his cute bobble head rested on the edge. It was kind of odd to me to see him sitting so still in daylight; he’s usually zipping around the cage until you open the door and he can jump out onto your hand. Anyway, I lifted his head gently a few times to see if he’d jump up as usual in response. I got nothing; his head just plopped right back down onto the dish, although he was not dead. My boyfriend, Patrick, told me it might have been a random falter in his sleeping patterns due to the heat wave we recently had the past two days. (It actually just left last night due to a nice rain storms.) I shook my head and knew he was wrong. This was far unusual for Kimiko. So I picked him up. I found red stuff at the rectum.

Kimiko had shat out red feces. Although, it wouldn’t come all the way out of his rectum. Patrick and I could not figure out why it was just stuck there. (No, no. Don’t get us wrong. We didn’t try to remove it or anything. To be honest, I was too scared to chance anything like that.)

Patrick and I called one of our favorite pet stores, hoping to get in touch with the manager to see if he was familiar with this. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in… but luckily, the quite knowledgeable co-owner managed to speak with us on the phone. We told him everything, and he basically said “That’s weird,” and asked us to bring Kimiko right away.

So we did, and that’s when we found out although Kimiko was eating very well, he was suffering from the inability to gain enough weight. His insides were hydrated enough, but his body wasn’t growing with his organs.

Though just as I believed in the back of my head, it turned out it wasn’t any kind of waste at all. The red feces were actually his intestines peeking out.

What had happened was… his inability to gain weight conflicted with his massive intake of food. As his body healthily filled with food, it became too much for his little body to handle.
I can honestly say I would have felt more comfortable seeing that he was shedding on a regular basis, showing that he was growing… but he wasn’t.

The co-owner used some Vaseline to easily place the organ back inside. I was happy to see that it hadn’t looked painful at all to Kimiko. Although it is not recommended that you bathe a lizard in any type of electrolyte, he strongly suggested that we bathe him in warm Pedialite (spelling?), just enough for his little body to soak in, and hopefully, so he could lap a few mouthfuls of it up. He also gave us about 5 waxed worms for Kimiko to eat for a little bit instead of having him eat gut-loaded crickets. It was very nice of him to give us the worms, and so all that he did, and tell us all that he had, free of charge.

As Patrick and I were driving home, he perked up a little. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him actually perking up his head again. Pat suggested I’d put a couple wax worms in in case Kimiko got a little hungry on the way home, and so I did.

Unfortunately, Kimiko did not make it.
For the last time, I saw him look up at me, so happy and curious like always. But not even a minute later, his legs stretched out and locked in place, pushing his lower body upward. I thought he was going to try and push his intestines out again. He looked like he was in so much pain… But then I saw him take one last breath and his head and front legs drop onto the floor of the container lifelessly. We were only a couple blocks away from the front deck of my house…

My head jerked back onto the headrest. I wanted to push him away; I didn’t want to see Kimiko dead, but there was no where to put him, but leave him in my lap as I clenched my fists. But I knew he was gone, and it killed me inside to know it.
Patrick kept double taking, asking what happened. I didn’t respond; I knew I would start to cry if I did.

When we reached the house, I wasted no time letting Patrick see the lifeless body of the Chinese Water Dragon, and walked fast into my house with what was Kimiko and the wax worms. I placed the contained and cup of worms on the top of what was Kimiko’s cage, and ran to the bathroom to clean my face. (I knew I would start crying, but usually when I was my face, it makes it easier for me to hold the tears back. Don’t ask why, I’m not so sure why either.)

After I washed my face, I went to the kitchen and drank the last of my coffee, trying to distract myself from Kimiko. Of course, cleaning my face hadn’t worked to any extent but getting me into the kitchen with a dry face; I started crying as Patrick put his arms around me. I knew he would have looked at the body as I was in the bathroom.

As for Kimiko, he is now buried in soft dirt in my backyard…
right next to the Orchid plant I buried not even a minute after he was.

“You almost made it home, Kimiko…”

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{March 25, 2008}   Hi

I AM SO BORED! lol i have nothing to do! well well well…………… welcome!

{March 22, 2008}  

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{March 20, 2008}   Everybody…… read this

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